Infrastructure for Cell Manufacturing

The Mytos Platform is infrastructure for fully automated manufacture of any human cell type

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Pre-order partners include 5 of the top US multi-billion dollar biotechs

The Mytos Platform fully automates manufacture of any human cell types

A screenshot of an app alongside an image of a rack of multiple devicesA screenshot of an app alongside an image of a rack of multiple devicesCellworks automation processes.Mytos Processes

Cells are the Foundation of All New Medicines

For traditional drugs, cells are the testbed. For Cell Therapies, cells are the medicine.

Drug Discovery


40,000 machines worth of cell production across drug development

Cell Therapy


2 million patient cell batches a year by 2030

Mytos Platform is launching Q1 2023

Q1 2019

Platform grows primary suspension cells

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Q2 2021

Platform grows iPSCs - the hardest to grow human cell type

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Q2 2022

Final pre-launch pilots

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Q1 2023

General release of the Mytos Platform

Our Team

Bringing together some of the best hardware engineers, software engineers, and biologists to invent the infrastructure for biotech.


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