Ali Afshar

CEO & Co-Founder
First designed lab robots during PhD, and previously started a hardware company. Sits at intersection of science, engineering, and business. YCombinator alumnus, and Forbes 30 Under 30.

Ignacio Willats

COO & Co-Founder
Enterprise sales and product experience at multiple startups. Fosters a deep focus on the customer within the team, and leads sales. YCombinator alumnus, and Forbes 30 Under 30.

Hardware Engineering

Justin Chan

Tech Lead, Hardware
Multidisciplinary hardware engineer, experienced in new product development. Former "New Categories" R&D engineer at Dyson, and robotic kitchens at Deliveroo.

James Cunningham

Senior Engineer
Hardware engineer with extensive early development and manufacture experience. Has overseen products from early prototypes, all the way through to manufacture in China.

Sam O'Mahony

Senior Electronics Engineer
Multidisciplinary electronics engineer across firmware and PCBs. Led R&D of next-gen smart EV chargers, working across electronics, firmware & higher level software.

Robert Melling

Junior Mechanical Engineer
Cambridge graduate with experience interning on automated cell culture machines that have come to market.

Paul Rademeyer

Senior Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical engineer with 10 years of experience developing scientific instrumentation. PhD in biomedical engineering, previous hardware lead in cryogenics and atomic microscopy products.

Andrew Stratton

Senior Mechanical Engineer
Ex-Cambridge Consultants Principal Engineer with broad experience in product development. Named inventor on multiple patents and brought multiple products from concept to market.

Felix Russell

Mechanical Engineer
Research and robotics engineer with 5 years experience in automation across the fields of biomechanics, batteries and now biology. Created a world-leading mechanical knee model during PhD

Flynn Marshall

Junior Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical engineering graduate whose specialisations include robotics, control systems and computer simulation.

Aaron Teo

Ex-Dyson patent holder. Experience across hardware development, complex modelling, and statistical testing to take products from development to reliable manufacture.

Software Engineering

Henry Miskin

Tech Lead, Software
Full-stack software engineer, spanning from firmware all the way to cloud. 5 years experience as early engineer at multiple startups. Also qualified as a mechanical engineer.

Eoghan Crowley

Software Engineer (Full-Stack)
Software engineer with multiple years experience working across the full stack.

Benedict Carling

Junior Software Engineer
Full-stack software engineer and biomedical engineering student at Imperial College London.


Dr. Xian Weng

Head of Biology
Highly-innovative scientist skilled in combining biology and chemistry with engineering to solve hard challenges. Former Principal Scientist developing on-chip blood diagnostics at Orphidia, and GMP experience at Lonza.

Jordina Casanova

Associate Scientist
Multiple years experience in molecular biology techniques and working with multiple mammalian cell types. Experience conducting R&D that crosses engineering and biology.

Dr. Stephen Weston

Stem Cell Scientist
Experience developing and implementing novel iPSC differentiation protocols during PhD.

Dr. Joana Costa

Experienced developing at the interface of biology and engineering. Modified low-level 3D printer code for printing cell-based structures.

Georja Said

Lab Manager
Several years experience managing labs to increase efficiency of bio teams within them

Product & Design

Ben Greenberg

Product Manager & Designer
Multidisciplinary designer & engineer, spanning from hardware to software to user experience design. Experience at Dyson.

Elliot Ouchterlony

Industrial Designer
Experienced industrial designer for enterprise hardware. Ex-Formlabs designer who led industrial design of the new Fuse SLS 3D printing system.


Elizabeth Thomas

Business Development
Multiple years experience building partnerships with pharma and biotech. Combines a background in biology with a passion for solving our customers' challenges.


Jack Owen

Built deep tech startups with Entrepreneur First, where he opened and ran their Berlin program. Previously Chief of Staff at Loyal and Ecosystem Builder at Imperial Innovations.


Ian Felix

Manufacturing Advisor
Over 40 years experience in successfully bringing products from prototype through manufacture as a leader, including Apple, IBM, and 7 medical devices at different startups.

Currently EVP Engineering and Manufacturing at Hound Labs.

Jared Friedman

Partner, Y-Combinator
Founding CTO of Scribd, now a $100m/yr business. As a partner at Y-Combinator, Jared has coached hundreds of highly-succcesful startups, including many in biotech. An expert on all aspects of running and scaling a company.

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